Our Services


Statutory audit

This is our core historical business line. We audit standalone and consolidated accounts prepared under French GAAP, International standards (IFRS) and US GAAP as well as for mutual and investment funds.

Contractual audit

Conseils Associes conducts due diligence and specific audit procedures (comfort letters, covenants…) on behalf of investment funds, industrial or services groups as well as for subsidiaries of international groups (audit referrals).

Audit for specific operations

We also acts as auditor for business combinations, as well as for mergers and acquisitions purposes, carve outs or for restructuring purposes.

Bookkeeping, tax and payroll services


Conseils Associes supports the outsourcing of all accounting and tax aspects of companies or provides support to accounting and finance functions.


Conseils Associes has a team of experts and experienced staff able to provide assistance for the production of consolidated financial statements or to take over the entire process, both in French GAAP and in IFRS.


Our specific tax skills include:

  • Application of double tax treaties (Brazil, USA, UK, Netherlands), for individuals and corporations,
  • EU VAT issues (services),
  • Transfer pricing,
  • Tax consolidation,
  • Assistance in case of tax audits,
  • Management of tax credit schemes (R&D, music, new business tax exemptions).


We provide you with the necessary assistance for the implementation of the legal structure, redaction of by-laws and company secretary services.

Payroll and related obligations

With a dedicated team and the support of DFK France, we take care of all the formalities in relation with entry or exit of personnel as well as information processing related to payroll and benefits (administration and accounting)

We also fulfil all legal and collective bargaining obligations and compliance. We provide you with the necessary assistance in case of an audit by the administration.


Our experts bring you their expertise on all aspects of the life of a business.

Our specific expertise focuses on assistive processes to business creation, financial planning, forecast and financial analysis.

Business management

Our specific expertise focuses on:

  • incentives for the implementation of the business,
  • economical and financial diagnosis
  • financial planning, forecasts and reporting,
  • tax management and optimisation.

Financial valuation

Conseils Associes assists investment funds, investors and entrepreneurs in the valuation of target companies and their strategic assets (intangible assets, investments, …) as well as through employee share ownership or issuance of securities (shares, convertible bonds, options…).

Risk management and internal controls

We are involved in improving the internal controls of organizations: 

  • We carry out reviews, analysis and work for the improvement of internal processes as well as for fraud prevention
  • We conceive and create internal control procedures and write manuals of procedures

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