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« We are here to deliver solutions for your business in France »

Conseils Associes has always been committed to implement all-in-one solutions to its foreign clients.

We have demonstrated our implication in this sector by joining DFK International as early as 1982.

We have a dedicated team and business advisers with a strong international background and a good command of English. The partner in charge, Paul Grosjean, has acquired an expertise in servicing international clients for more than a quarter of a century.

Over the years Conseils Associes has demonstrated its ability to deliver compliant, reliable and seamless services to international groups. 

Please do get in touch with Paul GROSJEAN our expert in International services.


  • Contractual and legal audit services
  • Financial reporting issuance
  • Multi GAAP expertise : IFRS, US, UK
  • Consolidation         
  • Training solutions : conception and delivery in several languages (French, English, Spanish)


  • Corporate taxation and tax groups
  • VAT
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax credit opportunities and advice
  • Personal tax for expatriates in France
  • Tax audit assistance
  • Data management solutions : Linkoffice and Recall solutions


  • Implementation of structure
  • Domiciliation
  • AGMs and legal compliance


  • Working contract reviews
  • Implementation of benefits
  • Payroll production and issuance of returns
  • Compliance
  • Sécurité Sociale audit assistance


You are a French operation looking to develop its business abroad? Our long time relationships developed with the partners and teams of DFK International members will help you benefit from the best contacts and assistance necessary to turn your experience into a success.

We are working regularly with our members in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA.


An in-depth look at the DFK International website will give you all necessary information.

DFK International helps Conseils Associes provide a wide range of services and technical excellence to its international clients. 

Key strengths of the association that have helped us develop strong relationships with local firms and teams include:

  • Committees:
    • Tax : VAT, Transfer pricing, double tax treaties, conferences
    • Audit : compliance, contributions to IFAC, conferences
    • IT : share of best practices and state-of-the-art information systems
  • National Groups: 
    • ANZ,
    • Canada,
    • France,
    • Germany,
    • Italy,
    • Mexico,
    • Sweden
    • UK & Ireland
    • USA
  • DFK Francophone Group:
    • Implemented between all French speakers of the association,
    • Includes the following countries : Belgium, Canada, England, Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Morocco, Switzerland, Vanuatu


  • DFK International member since 1982,
  • Dedicated team and experts
  • More than 25 International groups serviced
  • Working with 11 countries
  • Data management solutions : Linkoffice and Recall

Asset management and private equity

Since its incorporation, Conseils Associes has acquired extensive experience in the sectors of Asset Management and Private Equity. With a fully dedicated team and a partner involved in professional institute commissions, Conseils Associes is a highly regarded professional for its expertise in this sector. Thanks to this strong specialisation and a real implication of our team in this field, our practice is an alternative to the Big Fours.  

Conseils Associes controls and assists any kind of UCITS or investment structure, more particularly for private equity, forestry and their related management structures.

Please do get in touch with Jean-Philippe MAUGARD our expert in Assets management and private equity.


Audit of UCITS

Our audit approach relies upon:

  • a high proficiency  of the applicable audit rules and their evolution,
  • an in-depth knowledge of the main software used for portfolio valuation and accounting of UCITS in Paris (GLOBAL PORTFOLIO),
  • a study of information systems and internal control procedures of management structures and valuers.

This approach relies upon the use of an internal methodology that includes :

  • a specific sector audit approach that focuses on identified risks and particularities of each UCITS,
  • and work tools (applications and databases) enabling continuous comparison and benchmarking of the UCITS performance.

 Our conception of the audit relies on the implementation of a real partnership creating added value to the management structures, illustrated by:

  • regulatory monitoring (communication of technical reviews, training sessions…),
  • the systematic transmission of audit memoranda after each periodic control of the UCITS and more generally the issuance of constructive recommendations. 

Assistance to private equity

Since many years we deliver administrative and due diligence services to the private equity sector, either specialised in venture capital, capital development or buyouts (MBOs/LBOs).

These services include:

  • bookkeeping of private equity funds and/or holding entities, issuance of the annual accounts, financial reporting as well as company secretary services of such entities…
  • valuation of unlisted entities owned by private equity funds, in particular for the independent third party valuation process applicable to AIFM approved and regulated management companies,
  • the management of investor relations (preparation of fundraising documents/ distribution, valuation of the investment portfolio and issuance of periodic reporting to investors),
  • monitoring of the legal ratios applicable to private equity funds,
  • financial, accounting and tax due diligence (acquisitions).

Audit of forestry investment entities

We are auditors to the main forestry investor in France. Our audit portfolio includes about 15 investment entities managing approximately 32 000 acres of forest.

We have developed a specific know-how for the acquisition process and mergers of such entities including the specific accounting and tax expertise applicable to this sector.

Audit and advisory to management structures

We work for 15 management companies of UCITS or alternative investment funds (FIA), with 150 billions of funds under management:

  • as certified auditor (commissaire aux comptes) or certified public accountant (expert-comptable),
  • as advisors and/or for the organisation of their activities.

 Thus, we provide assistance for the creation and development of the business with:

  • the definition and implementation of the administrative, legal, tax and accounting organisation as well as a high performance IT,
  • the filing for the AMF approval as a regulated entity and for the definition or the core activity program,
  • the definition of the specialised activity program in order to obtain the related authorisations to develop their operations.

Valuation services

As a part of fortunate events within the life of a company (new contributions, growth, new shareholder or investor, implementation of an employees’ share plan, acquisition or merger of companies…) or less fortunate events (claims, litigations or disasters) as a claimant or defender ;

or for obvious reasons of good management and patrimony follow-up ;

Valuation and valorisation are a part of the lives of companies and their directors since their field of application is unlimited (assets, liabilities, operating losses, businesses, financial investments, a standard, a process, a right, a contract…)

Valuation know-how and understanding the necessity of valuation to have a better understanding of the situation, to defend a position or to issue a claim is simply essential.

Identify strongholds to reinforce them, find weaknesses to reduce them and act rather than incur enables value creation.

To be well assisted on such topics is paramount and technical knowledge is simply not enough. These technicalities must be included in the ability to understand the issue and to make it your own. 

Please do get in touch with Bertrand de MONTS our expert in valuation.


Bur : +33 (0) 1 40 67 97 88

50, avenue de Wagram
75017 PARIS